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The ITP DuraCity features a multiple pitch design with siping to promote a quiet ride. Its continuous center contact patch and directional tread pattern make this tire ideal for off-roading in various conditions. Shoulder steps allow for better self-cleaning and improved handling and stability.

 Flatter center profile for enhanced traction and stability.

  • Rounded shoulder design improves steering response.
  • Multi-pitch design with siping promotes a quieter ride on harder surfaces.
  • Directional, self-cleaning tread pattern with shoulder steps ensures traction in multiple dry, loose, and wet conditions.
  • True multi-surface design and with features to match the demands of terrains ranging from hard, engineered surfaces to various off-road environments.
  • Radial construction provides a compliant, comfortable ride and enhances traction in all conditions.
  • 6 ply rating ensures stability and durability in demanding applications.
  • Reinforced belts increase puncture resistance in the vulnerable tread area.

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